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  • Static binding vs Dynamic binding in java

    Some differences over static and dynamic binding in java. static binding occurs on compile time while dynamic binding occurs on runtime etc.

  • how to implement finalize method in java correctly

    Some tips on implementing finalize method in java correctly. finalize is a tricky method which is difficult to override correctly and it called before

  • Web Calculator Powered by Web Worker

    In this tutorial, we are going to create a simple web calculator. This tutorial is to show you, how you can utilize web worker to work for your main t

  • Say Hello to HTML5 Web Worker

    The Web Worker allows you to do things like fire up long-running scripts to handle intensive tasks, without interfering with the user interface and in

  • iPad Web App Start-Up Image Configuration

    According to DigiTimes, Oct 2011 report stated that, Apple has shipped 13 million iPad units in Q3 2011, which showing 36.8 percent growth from previ

  • How tof fix java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError in Java

    Quick Java tutorial and guide on how to fix with java.lang.unsatisfiedlinkerror no ocijdbc10 in java.library.path error in Java. its mostly in general

  • how to install certificate on truststore, keystore Java

    Quick Java tutorial and guide on how to add certificate into keystore and truststore in Java. if you dont have trusted certificate in your java keysto

  • 10 SOLID and OOPS Design Principles and Patterns Java

    Collection of 10 beautiful 10 SOLID and OOPS Design Principles and Patterns in Java which can make your code flexible and maintainable.Knowledge of O

  • JQuery, Sticky Notification Bar

    In this tutorial, we are going to teach you, the most easiest way to develop a sticky notification bar with JQuery. Such notification bar can be used

  • Viewport Meta Tag For Mobile Devices

    This tutorial is going to show you, how to solve it by telling the mobile browsers to render the page according to the mobile devices using viewport m

  • Mouse and Touch Event Detection

    Welcome to the first tutorial of HTML5 Canvas Game Development! In this tutorial, you will learn the technique of detecting mouse and touch events f

  • HTML5 Canvas For Absolute Beginners

    Canvas, a HTML5 element that can be used for rendering graphics, animation, graphs, photo compositions or any other visual objects on the fly by using

  • Introduction To Device Orientation With HTML5

    This tutorial is going to shows that how to handle the data of orientation and animate the image according to the data received.

  • CSS3, Glow Effects Without Photoshop

    we are going to create a HTML element with glow effects purely in CSS! This tutorial is pretty simple and straightforward, hope you guys enjoy it.

  • How to fix java.lang.NoSuchMethodError in Java

    Quick Java tutorial on how to solve java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main Exception in thread main. Main cause of this error still remains incorrect synta