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  • Ruby Sockets Programming

    Learn Ruby basics as well as the most important classes for sockets programming, and then look at a working chat application .

  • Ruby and MySql

    This tutorial shows how to use the mysql-ruby module to access MySql databases from Ruby.

  • Automatically Saving Drafts

    If you write for a large article-driven web site, you will invariably accidentally lose a whole post.

  • XML Processing with Python

    This article illustrates the principle features of the Python language, and then examine the XML processing capabilities of Python.

  • The Python Web Services Developer, Part 2

    This article shows you the details of using the 4Suite open-source XML server with Python to create Web service-based applications.

  • Introduces the Python xml_pickle object

    The author discusses the design goals and decisions that went into xml_pickle and provides a list of likely uses.,t=gr,p=rpc

  • Intro to PYX

    XML is a fairly simple format. It uses plain Unicode text rather than binary encoding, and all the structures are declared with predictable tags,t=grx

  • Mod_python Tutorial

    Apache processes requests in phases. A handler is a function that processes a particular phase of a request.

  • Python for the PalmOS

    This article evaluates the strengths and limitations of Pippy as a means of implementing Palm applications.