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Most Recent Tutorials

  • Morphing Human Head Into Werewolf

    Turning a human head into werewofl using morphing. Also explaining how to animate the texture

  • Creating a realistic winter scene

    With this tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic winter scene with motion blurred snow particles and a night render as well.

  • Creating a fountain with particle fx

    Create a fountain quickly using particle effects, deflectors and space warps for a realistic end result.

  • Particle Forming Into Logo

    Chocolate particle falling from above and forming a logo. You can use any logo you want

  • Cool Abstract

    This tutorials will show you how to make a cool abstract image. This one takes a little bit of time but it is worth the end effect.

  • Plastic Shampoo Bottle

    In this tutorial we will model a basic plastic shampoo bottle.

  • Intro to Cloning

    In this tutorial we will talk about various type of clones in 3DS Max.

  • Simple tea set from a teapot

    In this tutorial, we will see how to make a very simple tea set in Max starting from the teapot primitive.

  • Normal Map

    This simple tutorial demonstrates how to generate a normal map.

  • Learning Autocad Series One

    This is the first official series of learning Autocad. These are the basics and not for the professional.

  • Post Depth of Field

    There are a variety of ways to fake DOF in scenes, and they are not all obscenely expensive on render time.

  • Creating stunning 3d landscapes

    You will learn the basics and some more advanced techniques and tips to achieve a realistic and unique landscape you want