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gap line

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  • Basic Configuration of Cisco Switch

    If we have to configure the switch and connect three PCs at the Port F0/1, F0/2, and F0/3, we will take the Switch of 8 Ports.After booting the Switch

  • What is Router IOS

    Router IOS (Internetwork operating System) is the operating system by which the router can be accessed and configured.

  • Install Habari on a CentOS 7 VPS

    Habari is a free and open source publishing platform and application framework with a modular, object-oriented Core.

  • 11 Oracle database Interview Questions with Answers

    Oracle is one of the most popular database and widely used in big Investment banks, Insurance companies and other sectors. This is why demand of progr

  • How to check if two arrays are equal in Java

    Unfortunately Arrays both primitive and Object does not implement equals() method, despite Array being object, so you can not compare them either usin

  • How to append text to existing file in Java

    Some time you need to append text into an existing file, append means starting writing at the end of existing file. How do you that? will you read all

  • Difference between equals() vs == operator in Java

    There are two ways to check equality of Object in Java, using == operator and using equals() method. The equality operator is not the right way to che

  • How to addremove days, months from a date in Java

    Both Java 8 and old Java versions easily allow you to add or subtract days, month, year, week or any other thing using simple method calls. In Java 8,

  • How solve the ClassCastException in Java

    The java.lang.ClassCastException comes when you try to cast an object stored in a reference variable into another object but it in runtime the object