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Euphoria - Logical Operators

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The following simple example program demonstrates the logical operators. Copy and paste following Euphoria program in test.ex file and run this program:


integer a = 1
integer b = 0
integer c = 1

printf(1, "a and b = %d\n", (a and b) )
printf(1, "a or b = %d\n", (a or b) )
printf(1, "a xor b = %d\n", (a xor b) )
printf(1, "a xor c = %d\n", (a xor c) )
printf(1, "not(a) = %d\n", not(a) )
printf(1, "not(b) = %d\n", not(b) )

This would produce following result. Here 0 represents false and 1 represents true:

a and b = 0
a or b = 1
a xor b = 1
a xor c = 0
not(a) = 0
not(b) = 1

Note: Euphoria supports all the above operations for other Euphoria data types e.g. sequence, atoms and objects.

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