Write a function that returns 2 for input 1 and returns 1 for 2 in C programming

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A function that returns 2 for input 1 and 1 for input 2 is to be made. This function can be made in many ways based on the logic you use. The easiest way to do this is to use a conditional statement that if the number is 1 then return 2 otherwise return 1 and ways include using mathematical operations (any will do) and XOR operation.


#include <stdio.h>
// Method 1 using the if statement
int reverseif(int x) {
   if (x == 1) return 2;
   else return 1;
// Method 2 using the subtarction form sum of the two numbers (3 in this case)
int reversesub(int x){
   return (3-x);
int main() {
   printf("%d\n", reverseif(1));
   printf("%d\n", reversesub(2));
   return 0;


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