Workplace Wellness - High Self-confidence


Good performers always praise themselves for all their successfully-completed tasks, whether they are small or big assignments. They always focus on one work at one given time, and fragmentize big projects.

However, it is seen that even the best of employees slowly get disinterested in the task and feel out of place with their surroundings. This could be due to absence of a creative environment in their workplace, or because of certain limitations in their work profile, or could be their insecurity over their future. These employees enter a phase of self-doubt and start exhibiting certain withdrawal symptoms such as −

  • Problem in concentrating
  • Can’t finish the given tasks easily
  • Irritation and losing temper
  • Uncomfortable while interacting
  • Panic attacks
  • Feeling valueless and useless
  • Low self-esteem
  • Can’t care about work
  • Getting worried frequently
  • Body pains
  • Getting exhausted easily
  • Problem in sleeping and waking up
  • Always being late to work
  • Developing bad habits
  • Not talking clearly
  • Poor decision-making skills

The best advice to these employees is to never give up. It can take some time to get back into the groove, but they need to stop worrying about their future. In such situations, a frank and open discussion with the management always helps. Employees should never let these negative things obstruct their cherished goals.