Workplace Wellness Tutorial

Workplace Wellness Tutorial

Many employers find healthcare solutions costly, which eventually add up to their operating cost, despite all the consumer-driven wellness programs available. However, recent innovative healthcare solutions are found effective in putting a brake on the spiraling healthcare costs. In this tutorial, we will have a close look at the steps that employees can take to improve their health in the workplace.


In experts’ opinion, 82% of the diseases are lifestyle-based and a well-designed wellness program can have a positive impact on these diseases and eventually benefit an organization in terms of reducing illnesses, accidents, absences and medical claims and finally an increased productivity.

This tutorial is going to sensitize the readers about the health hazards of working long-hours in a stressful environment, under tight deadlines.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, the readers are expected to be familiar with the concept of employee health issues and what stress factors can increase health risks in a working professional.