Working with tmux session

Tmux is a terminal multiple for Unix OS. It provides multiple terminal sessions to its users. It is used when we are using cloud-based services (like Azure, AWS) for the creation of separate terminals for different remote users.

While working with web services, one needs to create an EC2 instance on the webserver provided by the company to work on it by creating a session.

Now, let’s see the steps of working on a UNIX (Ubuntu) webserver.

Step 1 − Write/copy the IP address of your AWS console and download the key file from the console. You will get these from your vendor or company.

Step 2 − In the key file directory, right-click and open Git Bash. in the console, you have to enter your IP address using the command,

ssh ubuntu@IP_address -i eg

Step 3 − Hit enter and then type the next command,

tmux new-session -s sessionName

To exit session, press Ctrl+b, then D.

Some utility commands for tmux,

List session command: tmux ls

Kill session command: tmux kill-session -t sessionName