Please share a working example of session maintenance in JSP.

This example describes how to use the HttpSession object to find out the creation time and the last-accessed time for a session. We would associate a new session with the request if one does not already exist.

<%@ page import = "*,java.util.*" %>
   // Get session creation time.
   Date createTime = new Date(session.getCreationTime());
   // Get last access time of this Webpage.
   Date lastAccessTime = new Date(session.getLastAccessedTime());
   String title = "Welcome Back to my website";
   Integer visitCount = new Integer(0);
   String visitCountKey = new String("visitCount");
   String userIDKey = new String("userID");
   String userID = new String("ABCD");
   // Check if this is new comer on your Webpage.
   if (session.isNew() ) {
      title = "Welcome to my website";
      session.setAttribute(userIDKey, userID);
      session.setAttribute(visitCountKey, visitCount);
   visitCount = (Integer)session.getAttribute(visitCountKey);
   visitCount = visitCount + 1;
   userID = (String)session.getAttribute(userIDKey);
   session.setAttribute(visitCountKey, visitCount);

      <title>Session Tracking</title>
         <h1>Session Tracking</h1>
      <table border = "1" align = "center">
         <tr bgcolor = "#949494">
            <th>Session info</th>
            <td><% out.print( session.getId()); %></td>
            <td>Creation Time</td>
            <td><% out.print(createTime); %></td>
            <td>Time of Last Access</td>
            <td><% out.print(lastAccessTime); %></td>
            <td>User ID</td>
            <td><% out.print(userID); %></td>
            <td>Number of visits</td>
            <td><% out.print(visitCount); %></td>

Now put the above code in main.jsp and try to access http://localhost:8080/main.jsp. Once you run the URL, you will receive the following result −

Welcome to my website

Session Information

Session infovalue
Creation TimeTue Jun 08 17:26:40 GMT+04:00 2010
Time of Last AccessTue Jun 08 17:26:40 GMT+04:00 2010
Number of visits0