When should I use MySQL compressed protocol?

Let us understand when MySQL compressed protocol should be used −

  • The compression operation is used only if both client and server support ‘zlib’ compression, and the client requests compression.

  • The advantage of using compression is that it reduces the size of the payload.

  • On the other hand, the disadvantage of using compression is that it increases the computation time.

  • Performance benefits will depend largely on the size of the result set which is being sent.

  • In addition to this, the network bandwidth and latency between the database server and its clients also matters.

  • The larger the result set, the larger will be the latency.

  • In other words, the lesser the bandwidth, the more likely the user would see the benefit of compression.

  • The maximum level of service is limited to the smallest bottleneck. Hence, it is required to analyse the position regarding network and CPU resources in the current time.

  • The most optimized database server would utilize 100% of its CPU 100% of the time, otherwise the computing resources get wasted if it has a processor that is sitting idle.