What reasons could make your training a flop?

You have attended a great training session, which was very interactive and all the participants enjoyed the session. Even the trainer was very good, but still, there was not a great outcome from it. What could be the reason?

It may be because Service / Customer Satisfaction Scores Are Poor. In other words, you might not have scheduled enough employees to handle responsibilities, like the lunchtime rush, or the cashier stations, or parking during a busy holiday week. There could be many other reasons too:

  • Irrelevant Topics Discussed: We need to evaluate the training properly. Maybe the topic of the training was not even required for the participants or the topic was not directly useful for the employees from the nature of job perspective.

  • No Tools To Do The Job: A good training session with all the knowledge imparted by the trainer is not effective unless the practical implementation of the same is shown. The participants should be given hands-on sessions and real-life scenarios to help them understand how the skills can be used.

  • Bad Trainers: Some people are really good at their job but they may be really bad teachers. Imparting training is an art. The good trainers help the trainees understand the complex method with ease.

  • Free From Workload: I have seen many organizations who ensure that participants are attending the training, but expect the participants to complete the entire workload by staying late or parallel to the training session. This is very distracting for the trainer and participant both. Often the people are constantly checking their emails and responding to them due to the high expectations of being present at both places.