What is the Information System?

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Information system is group of people, information technology, and business process to achieve a business goals. Information systems are a group of interconnected elements working to collect, process, store, and distribute data to provide coordination, visualization in an organization, analysis, and decision-making.

The Information system can be represented as a set of software, hardware, and telecommunications network that people create and use to gather, produce, and distribute beneficial data, generally in organizational settings.

Information System is a particular discipline or department of learning that is concerned with the application of data to organizational needs. The scope of information system involves manual, computer-based and other forms of automated process and applications of information technology usually.

A system is a group of components that connect to accomplish some goals or in other terms, a system is a group of interrelated components or objects that work together for the complete objective.

In information system, it defines an organized relationship between its components. The system can be represented as orderly grouping of interdependent elements linked together according to plan to implement a specific objective or goal. Hence, a system is designed to achieve one or more goals. The components of a system defines sub-system. A sub-system is a system which is a component of a higher system. The large system is known as super system or supra system.

The information system contains resources for shared or processed information, and the people who handle the system. People are considered part of the system because without them, systems would not work correctly. IT professionals, programmers, system analysts, high-level managers, and help-desk workers are all part of an information system.

An information systems triangle is generally used to define how an IS includes hardware components (such as computers), people and processes at the three vertices.

There are several types of information systems, depending on the need they are designed to fill. An operations support system, including a transaction processing system, converts business data (financial transactions) into valuable data. Similarly, a management information system needs database information to output files, supporting users and businesses make decisions based on extracted data.

An example of Information system including some famous TV shows can be considered as an amazing and unexpected example of IS. In talent shows, the TV audience is requested to cast their vote to decide which candidates will advance to the following stage of the show.

The system that taking the votes and records them is the hardware computer, the steps through which these votes are cast (phone call, text, or online poll) and the rules that decides who is removed are the process, and the voters are the people contained with the system.

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