What is the Future of Digital Marketing Agencies in India?

A business's digital presence can earn good revenue within the target time if all the other parameters match it. Indian business market and model are no exception. Therefore, the future of digital marketing agencies in India is potentially high. If you want to start your own agency and know the growth of the agencies in India, read the article.

Digital marketing agency focused mainly on a service provider. Some agencies provide all the digital marketing services under one roof; some provide specific services that have demand in the market. Thus, clients get the services as per their requirements and budgets.

A Brief History of Digital Marketing in India

To know its future, you must have brief information about its past. The term Digital Marketing was first coined in the 1990s. In 1995, CSNL launched internet services in India with the search option. Earlier internet was unavailable for all, and a computer was a luxury. Besides, even in education, the computer was not part of the syllabus or curriculum.

Therefore, the internet service started crawling in 1995, but it started walking after the internet access revolution. After 2000, most cities and urban areas got access to the internet, but the price was still high. Around 2010, the computer market expanded, and laptops replaced heavy CPUs, large screens, and keyboards.

Once the internet and gadgets became available to ordinary people, internet services started booming.

Next came the social media era. Before Facebook, Orkoot was launched to interact with distant people. Then came Facebook, and the rest is history.

Slowly YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, etc., and social media have become the talk of the town. Digging deep, you'll find that social media upsurges digital marketing in India. People found it's the fastest platform to reach anyone's household. Reach is essential in marketing, and when social media, marketing tools, and strategy do things for your business, the results are comparatively better than traditional marketing channels.

The Current Scenario of Digital marketing in India

With the availability of laptops, internet access, and even electricity, you can find digital marketers even in rural areas. Indian economy is slowly going to a stable position, and business owners are now calculating the risks. Even a small business owner can reach out locally with the help of digital marketing. Medium and large business houses easily reach internationally with paid campaigns and good strategic moves.

As per expert market research data, in 2022, the growth of digital marketing in India was $4.5 billion, with a 32.1% CAGR. Further, the market is expected to flourish and reach $24.1 billion by 2028.

Benefits of Digital Marketing in India

In India, due to its geographic location and diversified communities, digital marketers' jobs are challenging, and marketers prefer to accept the challenge and bring the results to the client's table. Even the standard of living, community preferences, social interaction, and social media usage differ in different states, cities, and towns. However, it's digitalization that binds these parameters with one rope.

The benefits of digital marketing are immense in India as marketers can experiment with planning and strategies. Let's understand the benefits of internet marketing in India so you can chalk out why digital marketing agencies' businesses have flourished so fast.

Different types of Businesses are Available

Digital marketers can have the experience to promote different kinds of businesses. Because of the diversity in cultural and social dogma, business owners try different types of products/services to advertise online. Here digital marketers can promote on all the digital platforms based on the target audiences.

Different Buyers, Tastes, and Choices

You'll get several users with ages, locations, and choices on social media. To address this diversity, digital marketers can show their creativity online to hook the target buyers. With social media data metrics, digital marketers do better with planning and strategy.

Influence Buyers' Decision

The purchase decision relies on buyers, and digital marketers can easily influence them. The outreach could be massive with the help of sentimental and emotional content and videos. Therefore, branding is possible with significant traffic to the business website.

Target Local Market

Post covid world, a new business strategy has emerged. People experienced hard times and phases during the period and realized how local grocery store owners could be saviors in those dark days. Even go for the local campaign started to support local small business owners. Digital marketing agencies, thus, scale up the business using local SEO strategies for better outreach.

Marketers Can Work Remotely

Many working professionals switch their careers from one field to digital marketing. Especially those who don't prefer 9 to 5 jobs. Instead, they pick digital marketing, learn the course, applications, tools, and methods and start practices from their own convenient time, pace, and location. Thus, one digital marketer makes his own team, develops an agency, and works for clients. If you search for agency history, you'll get the story behind the brands.

Steady Income Flow

In the digital marketing profession, the flow of regular income will be there. Freelance marketers can earn up to six-figure packages based on their performance and experience. Further, joining any company as a digital marketer option will be open for experienced candidates. If you're earning well and getting clients, you can build your own team and rent an office space to establish your agency and brand. You'll be the boss of your own marketing venture.

The above-noted benefits are available with the digital marketing profession so agency owners can establish their brands.

The Reason Behind the Growth of Digital Marketing Agency

In India, skilled and talented professionals are available. As digital marketing jobs can be done remotely, professionals started as freelancers and later built the agency with different skill sets and similar like-minded people who work together. There must be some reasons to flourish of digital marketing, which include −

The increased number of Entrepreneurs

The number of business owners has increased in comparison to earlier years. Where businesses are there, the need for marketing upsurges.

The availability of the Internet

With technology and innovation, now rural areas are enjoying high-speed internet connection. When the internet is within access, it's easy to access the necessary information one marketer needs for digital marketing.

Cost-effective computers, laptops, and smartphones

With technology and innovations, laptops, computers, smartphones, and other marketing gadgets are now available at reasonable prices so users can buy those products.

Easy establishment of Agency

You can easily set up your agency anywhere if you have experience, team, skills, and funds. The process is easy that anyone can follow.

Govt schemes are available

If you have qualifications, skills, and experience but have fund issues, you can avail of various government schemes that provide monetary support with minimum interest. Many agency owners run their agencies after avail business loans which they repay within the loan duration.

Note − Govt schemes are different in different states. Before applying for the loan, you must read the terms and conditions.

Final Words

Digital marketing agencies provide good services to their clients. Few offer digital marketing courses for learners and opportunities to work with them. If you've such a plan, you can join an Institute that provides a digital marketing course with live projects. If you learn the subject in depth, you can build your own team and set up your agency in the future. With fresh talents, skills, and experience, the future of digital marketing agencies is bright.

Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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