What is Thales Cloud Key Management Solutions?

Cryptography is defined as offering a manner of solution for protecting and controlling statistics wherever it exists. Whenever cryptography is used, the chance inside the content of information is transferred to cryptographic keys used to guard the information.

Thales cloud key management solutions are helpful in manipulating the keys and thereafter make the touchy records and the workloads inside the cloud to run securely. This encryption and key management inside the cloud can offer the identical high-stage protection as though it had been absolutely on-premises and thereby, making agencies to attain new ranges of efficiency and protection.

Thales community hsms

This community hardware security module (hsms) affords noticeably assured protection to the cryptographic keys used by programs throughout cloud-enabled and on-premises environments.

Thales crypto command middle

With Thales crypto command center, Thales hsms from one at ease area can be easily provisioned and revealed. This makes it easy to supply on-demand elastic key vaulting and encryption services for data safety in a minute and preserve full manipulation over encryption and facts, furthermore in reality defining key ownership across its infrastructure.


The functions of Thales cloud key management solutions are as follows −

  • Sturdy key encryption safety − It provides safety of Vormetric information safety manager to create keys and shop them with fips 140-2 security. It is able to control full key metadata control for the duration of add and for keys.

  • True multi-cloud help − Key management as a service continues you in control of encrypted facts with the usage of amazon web services, Microsoft azure, Microsoft azure stack, Microsoft azure, and salesforce.Com.

  • Automated key rotation − Keys are marked for automatic key rotation on a per-cloud schedule with the use of api requests.

  • Complete key management − It is supposed to install key control as a provider with any number of keys already created at your cloud provider.

  • Federated consumer get entry to key management − The miles used to get right of entry to a full range of logs and reviews for immediate compliance reporting.


The specifications of Thales cloud key management solutions are given below −

Supported cloud vendors

  • Microsoft azure, Microsoft azure stack, Microsoft office 365
  • Amazon net carrier
  • Salesforce.Com

Key protection

  • Fips 140-2 compliant

Authentication integration

  • Microsoft azure: integration of oauth federation
  • Salesforce: oauth federation
  • Amazon internet services: key and mystery


The benefits of Thales cloud key management solutions are as follows −

  • Shield facts everywhere − Thales records safety solutions prevent unwanted access to keys on protected information, and thereby additionally the information that is included by way of the ones keys, no matter the environment, is stored protected even via 0.33-party cloud infrastructure companies.

  • Whole control − This entire control enables you to very own and manipulate encryption keys in any surroundings to guarantee to have completed management on keys, and therefore on the information too. This information is used to attain and keep compliance with mandates together with pci dss (payment card enterprise facts security wellknown).

  • Cloud agnostic − It helps many deployment scenarios, starting from on-premises information facilities to private, hybrid, public, and multi-cloud environments. Thales key cryptography presents an incredible amount of pliability because it allows clients to transport keys inside and outside of cloud environments.

  • Scalability − Scalability offers a way to the organisation and its developers to optimize its infrastructure with no need to customize packages to guide a multi-cloud deployment situation.

Updated on: 23-Mar-2022


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