Human Resource Management: Challenges & Solutions?

Human Resource Management (HRM) deals with the employment of an organization. The primary role of HRM is to deploy the resources to the company for the smooth running of the operation. HRM manages several departments and creates a balance of staffing for each department. The role is vital yet challenging. In today’s post, you will learn the most difficult aspects of HRM and the solutions.

HRM, or Human Resource Management, deals with workforce recruitment, ensures the balance between the requirements and the staffing available, and confirms the balanced work-life in a company. The best part of HRM is that the department hires the best talent, manages the workforce with the company's requirements, and runs the organization smoothly. Thus, the HRM department works as a bridge between the resources and the company and assists each department in running smoothly.

Before going for the challenges, let’s understand the objectives of Human Resource Management.

The Aim of Human Resource Management

The purpose of HRM defines its importance and weightage, which further deals with the essential aspects like talent acquisition for the smooth running of the company.

Organizational Aim − Organizational aim involves hiring, training, and helping professionals to adopt the new working culture. HRM smoothens the hiring process and maintains the balance of employees in an organization.

Social Aim − The social aim of HRM includes employment that offers equal opportunity and eradicates gender bias. It also looks after legal issues and ensures ethical standards while appointing talented professionals.

Functional Aim − It's another essential aim that ensures the proper functioning of the HRM with provided guidelines.

Personal Aim − HRM also looks after employees' personal and professional growth by allowing them into a new course, further education, and career development.

Though the HRM landscape is broad in its function, the global economy fluctuations impact badly. As a result, the HRM faces several challenges which directly affect its operation. Further, the labor market, law and order, political and economic volatility, work ethics, employee empowerment, professionals' variations, etc., disturb the rhythm of HRM function.

Let's understand the challenges and chalk out possible solutions.

The HRM Issues and the Best Solutions

The diversifications in the job world significantly impact the labor industry. This is the one side story, but on the other side, similar diversification brings lots of troubles in HR managers' professional lives. Technological advancement and its wrong usage make the scenes worst. Every challenging situation gives you something to learn, as do the HRM issues. Here we will discuss the common challenges HR managers encounters in their offices. Further, you will learn the solutions to overcome them.

Let’s dig deep!

Hire the Relevant Talent

Talent acquisition for the vital post is challenging, and often HR managers need help to figure out who will be the fittest. If you go for organic recruitment, you can verify the candidate's talent. A company is run on the vital decision that the candidate makes in the coming days. However, HR managers shouldn't influence their resumes but observe their actions and body language. Keep on discussing your company and the requirements and ask him about his output in these aspects. Be careful about the words or phrases the candidate select during the interaction.

Reserve the Industry Standard

Hiring new employees and training them costs a massive amount of money. The worst case is when the employee leaves you. The reason behind the leaving may be terminated or not adjusted with the work culture and ethics your company offers, but it'll consider a loss. Here you can reduce the loss ratio during recruitment. Recruit the candidate who can accommodate the working environment and provides the industry standard perks and other benefits. Train him well if you feel the candidate is not fit for what you're looking for. Who knows, he will become the best employee in the coming days.

Create a Leader in the Team

Once an employee you hire becomes your team member, some candidates have inborn leading capabilities. If you identify the talent, encourage him to come forward and take charge of the team. With proper guidance and motivation, you'll get a leader for your team, which can lead you to your professional growth and the company's success.

Diversify the Work Culture

Candidates come from different geographic locations and have different cultures, food habits, customs, and rituals. They feel exhausted if you ignore their culture. So, the best way to deal with their issues is to celebrate their culture and ask to join all the other employees. It's mandatory to eliminate cultural differences among different communities. Diversification is essential for professional and personal growth as in the exchange process, employees get educated and learn about many things, which helps them to deal with clients.

Motivate to Pursue the Education

Learning keeps your employees updated about the current industry scenario they're working in. So, it's the process one can eliminate the blockage and keep moving. Motivate candidates to pursue the training, learn new techniques and applications, and educate them to add value to your company.

Ask them to join −

  • Various training sessions

  • Get the certification course

  • Recommended for skill-building courses and training

  • Participate in the mentor and coaching training

Offers the Best Package

When you recruit new talent, you can verify the talent, the skill, the educational background, etc. Talented and skilled employee never works under a low-scale package. You must offer the best industry package to keep qualified professionals in your company. Later you can recommend the increment based on the performance and achievement of the employee.

Build an Assessment Cycle for Quality Output

With technological advancement, employees use their skills to fetch the expected ROI. If they're happy with their roles and responsibility, they will try to perform their best performance. You need to build an assessment cycle so that they can identify their loops and work on them to fix them. It's also an HR manager role that no employee should backlog due to unidentified drawbacks. A regular assessment report can motivate them to work better.

Overcome the Technology Issue

Technical advancement is in full swing, and every organization adapts new techniques to cope with the market. In this scenario, your employees also need to upgrade themselves. New software and applications need to handle with proper care and support. They'll grow with new skill-building if you arrange the training and support to operate the machines, hardware, software, and applications. Hence, it'll increase the employees' productivity and add value to the company's growth process.

These are a few challenges and the solutions you can follow. Let us share a few more tips to fight the challenges of HRM.

Tips to Become a Leading HR Manager

Follow the below points −

  • Be empathetic during the recruitment process.

  • Take care of the emotional health of your employees.

  • Arrange a discussion table about the personal issues and suggest them the best solution

  • If you find a severe mental case, recommend the employee to a psychiatrist, therapist, or mentor who can better care for the mental issues.

  • Keep the office free from office politics.

  • Take care of your female employees.

  • Be human while you sanction leave of your employees.

  • Arrange amusement in festival seasons to overcome the monotonous workload


With technological advancement and evolving work culture, a new working era has been started, and HR managers find it really challenging to deal with such issues. However, you need to work with the most talented and skilled professionals, maintain the balance, and run your organization.