What is HTAM in Digital Marketing?

Businesses are moving towards digital marketing as their form of marketing strategy because of the increased screen time of consumers and their preference to be involved in the digital world. Digital marketing has various wings like email marketing, content marketing, SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, and others. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income and follow your passion.

Affiliate marketing is a straightforward process in which affiliate marketers promote a company's product or service to consumers. Affiliate marketers are given a particular code or link, and if anyone purchases the product through that link, then the affiliate marketers earn a commission for the same. This special link is to help the companies keep track of the number of customers the affiliate marketer could bring in. Affiliate marketers have no money invested in the product and are using their network and fan base to earn an income. The commission that an affiliate marketer receives may vary from company to company, and we can broadly categorize them into two categories.

  • High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM)

  • Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing (LTAM)

In this article, we will be discussing the difference between both HTAM and LTAM and why it is more profitable to go with HTAM products or brands for affiliate marketers.

Concept of HTAM in Affiliate Marketing

High Ticket Affiliate marketing is a scenario in which affiliate marketers receive a high commission for the sales of every product sold by them or through their promotional efforts. HTAM products are generally difficult to sell, and your fan base needs to have trust in you. The market price is high for the product, or in some cases, the brand might not be that well established in the market. Companies here rely on affiliate marketers’ creativity and convincing power to bring in customers for the product. In order to ensure that you are able to do HTAM sales, please ensure the following points −

  • Introduce yourself to your fan base.

  • Keep your fan base updated about your life, your interests, and your stories. This will ensure that you have a bond with them and that it feels more personalized to them.

  • Create content that they enjoy. For an affiliate marketer, it is very important to keep their fan base entertained. Users do not respond well to only pushing promotional content. They generally prefer a 70% informational or entertainment content mix and a 30% promotional content mix.

  • Do thorough research regarding the brand and the product before promoting them. Please ensure to use high-quality videos and photos when you are doing the same.

  • Ensure that there is engagement in each post and that you are available to solve their queries or help them whenever they need certain information from you regarding the purchase decision.

  • Give them reminders. It is possible that you were able to convince the consumer regarding the product but they could not make the purchase decision then and there. In these cases, giving them reminders seems very helpful, and posting your old content can also help you target the passive users back then who are now actively looking for the product.

Different Types of Commission Payment Methods When It Comes to HTAM Products

  • Lifetime commission − If an affiliate marketer brings in customers for the company, they ought to receive a commission every time the consumer makes a purchase from the brand. It is a commission for a lifetime, and even if the customer is not using the affiliate marketer’s link, they still get a commission for every purchase.

  • Recurring commission − In this case, the affiliate marketers get a commission for every purchase as well as repeat purchases that the customer makes through the link of the affiliate marketer. Hence, affiliate marketers receive a recurring amount of commission for every purchase.

  • High flat rate commission − Currently, this is the most common type of commission with an affiliate marketer. Here, the affiliate marketers receive a commission for every new sale that they make, and that is it. The affiliate marketer is not receiving anything over and above that after the new purchase.

Points of Differentiation Between HTAM and LTAM

The amount of commission that an affiliate marketer receives for selling each individual product may vary from company to company, product to product, and industry to industry. In the case of LTAM products, affiliate marketers earn a negligible amount of money as a sales commission, and LTAM products are generally easy to sell to consumers. In the case of HTAM products, the amount of commission that an affiliate marketer receives is high, making it more difficult to sell the product. Generally, it is also observed that the market price of LTAM products is low and the market price of HTAM products is high. Companies can even have high HTAM when their brand is not well established in the market or they are new companies. LTAM can occur with well-known brands and can even have a high price (exception).

The following are some of the reasons why affiliate marketers should prefer HTAM products

  • The quantity that you have to sell would be less − The most appealing aspect of HTAM is the ability to earn a large sum of money with a small number of sales. You do not have to aim for volume sales and customers; if you can convince five customers, you are done for the month or the target that you have set for yourself.

  • Is a great form of earning passive income − Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income as you make videos, upload them, and keep receiving a commission for every sale that you make. It is very easy for marketers to continue this work with their 9–5 job and household chores, and there is no cost involved or the capital required.

  • Working flexibility − Because you can work from anywhere, everywhere, and at any time, it provides the matter with working flexibility. You have one hour in between when you are traveling to the office, so you can easily upload content or do research about the same.

Some of the Top HAT Platforms in the Year 2023

  • Kinsta is a web hosting platform that provides commissions in the range of $50 and $500, plus recurring and lifetime commissions.

  • SEMrush is an SEO tool that provides affiliate marketers with around $200 for every subscription they get.

  • Fiverr, a freelancer service, provides an affiliate marketer with around $15–50 for every sale, among others.

Affiliate marketing is becoming a very essential part of the digital marketing wing, and in affiliate marketing, we are seeing HTAM products gain more popularity. Though our suggestion would be not to dive completely into HTAM products because of the profitability of every sale but to maintain a mix between LTAM and HTAM, LTAM could be the complementary products of HTAM products; for example, helmets are LTAM products, and selling bikes through affiliate marketing is an HTAM activity. LTAM promotions will assist customers in developing trust, and extra money never hurts. It is time to start following your passion and creating multiple streams of income. Become an affiliate marketer today!

Updated on: 17-Mar-2023


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