What is an Information Security Metrics?

An information security metrics is a measure that can track and check the condition of a definite information security process. A metric define a system of dimension that based on quantifiable procedures.

Good metrics are those that are elegant, such as specific, quantifiable, attainable, repeatable, and time reliant. Dimensions provide single-point-in-time views of definite, distinct elements, while metrics are effect by comparing to a prearranged control several dimensions taken over time.

Dimensions are developed by counting; metrics are developed from analysis. Alternatively, dimensions are objective raw information and metrics are either objective or subjective human description of those data. The method of dimension that is employed must be reproducible, and should attain the same result when performed separately by dissimilar competent evaluators.

Also, the consequence must be repeatable, therefore that a second computation by the initial set of evaluators generates the same result. A method of dimension used to discover out the unit of a quantity can be a measuring instrument, a reference material, or a measuring system.

The dimension of an information system for security involves the application of a method of dimension to multiple parts of the system that have an measurable security property so as to acquire a considered value of dimensions should be timely and accessible to the organization.

Metrics are tools designed to provide decision making and recover implementation and accountability during collection, analysis, and documenting of pertinent performance-related data.

The point of measuring performance is to detect the status of considered activities and facilitate improvement in those activities by using counteractive actions, depends on observed dimensions.

Measurements provide single-point-in-time views of specific, discrete factors, whereas metrics are changed by comparing to a constant baseline two or more dimensions taken over time. Measurements are produced by counting; metrics are created from analysis. Alternatively, measurements are objective raw information and metrics are objective or biased human description of those data.

For information system security, the processes are related with elements of the system that supply to its security. That is, security metrics employ the application of a method of dimension to several entities of a system that possess a quantifiable security property to acquire a measured value.

Metrics can be an effectual device for security executives to discern the effectiveness of several components of their protection programs, the security of a specific system, product or process, and the aptitude of staff or departments within an organization to address security areas for which they are accountable. Metrics can also support to identify the level of risk in not taking a given action, and in that way supply guidance in computing counteractive actions.