What is an application and system program?

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Application Program

Application programs are programs that are developed for end-users. These programs provide an application to the end-user and hence used by them. They are loaded into the system according to the needs of the user.

The examples include web browsers, Email, gaming, etc.

System Program

System Programs are the programs that are used to develop and program the operating system. They act as middleware between the user interface and system calls.

The end-user while interacting with the OS uses application programs that in turn give rise to various system calls and the tasks are executed. Also, an OS provides services to run the application program freely and also, these programs can be run by the users in an easy way.

These programs are used by applications like software as a service etc. They are generally written in a low-level language.

Examples include an operating system, networking system. These programs are installed when the operating system is loaded into the computer.

Published on 01-Dec-2021 12:55:42