What is 3D Internet?

3D Internet is the next generation after the stream 2d internet. 3D Internet includes interconnected services, displayed as virtual worlds.

The objective of 3D Internet is to pass interactive real-time 3D graphics over the internet. It is also a provocation of a 2D webpage in real-life graphics.

Applications of 3D Internet

There are various applications of 3D Internet which are as follows −


By using the 3D Internet in education, people can have a better recognition of the subject. They can view the address and analysis in a 3D manner that will support them to understand more efficiently than the traditional methods.

Real Estate

The 3D Internet can extremely change the real estate market. Users can view the property they are interested in online with a stereoscopic aspect.

They will receive a basic concept of the area and locality they are going to live in even before its entire construction. This will ease the selection procedure of property to a high extent.

Social Interaction

The modern generation has a much more active online social life as distinguished from real life. The inclusion of 3D in social networking can transform our digital world. Video calls can be more mutual and attractive. 3D conversation areas can be introduced to social media. Personal communication won't be defined in the real world.


It is necessary to choose the right destination to provide holidays which can be easier after the execution of 3D Internet. Tourists can have a sample 3D view of the acquired locations and next decide which destination has to be inspected.


Online 3D games, 3D movies, etc. won't be a vision anymore. All this can be produced using the 3D Internet. Users won't be forced to go to a multiplex for recognizing a 3D movie. Gamers can enjoy 3D online games at home and can simply be linked with their friends.


Religious organizations can develop the use of the 3D Internet to open virtual conference places within particularized areas.


The modeling in 3D Internet can enable the artists to generate new forms of art, that in several methods are not possible in real life because of physical constraints or high associated values.

In 3D Internet, artists can show their works to an audience across the globe. This has generated a whole artistic culture on its own where some residents who purchase or develop homes can shop for artwork in the area there.

Updated on: 19-Nov-2021

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