What are the rules to move pets and domestic animals through railways?

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On the onset, travelling with a creature is not a fairly easy task. It involves significant expense, planning, and a lot of bureaucratic scuds. Be prepared to put in considerable effort well in advance to your travel date. I actually don't mean to suppress you but to be honest, it is wearisome and stressful:

  • Pets are allowed to travel with the parent if you book the complete coupe (two seats in First AC and 4 seats in Second AC). If you can afford this, it is the safest and easiest way of travelling with your pet.

  • If you have arranged a pet-box with the Parcel Department at least 48 hours in move forward to the journey, you may well be able to take the pet in-carriage only if other passengers do not article, and your pet is over a leash at all time.

  • You'll be fined for all unbooked pets you carry, and if they are really a nuisance to the fellow passengers, these travellers are within their legal right to demand that the animal be transferred to the luggage or break van.

  • The pet will be placed into a pet box that the Indian railways provide. But it isn't always spending comfortable for your pet. Make sure that you check it out once before you start your journey.

  • Make sure you are certain of having taken the necessary documents - pet's vaccination records, fit to visit record from a vet and possibly, your dog's permit with the local expert.

  • If engine is changed, the guard can even be changed in one end of the train to the other. You'll be required to move your pet at this point.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25