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10 Ways to Heal After Losing a Pet

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 10-Mar-2023 17:46:55
A domesticated bird or animal affectionately reared for company or happiness leaves a void hard to fill after death. Especially with senior citizens, the constant companionship like with service dogs can lead to significant grieving when suddenly gone. While cats and dogs seem most common pets in the millions of homes along with birds and fish, many exotic pets abound. They have one aspect in common. Coping with the loss seems to be somewhat similar to losing a family member or close friend. 1. Feel the Grief and Give it Time for Expression The intensity of pain and loss ... Read More

Pet Astrology: Are You and Your Pet Compatible?

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 09-Mar-2023 14:51:43
Pet astrology typically follows the same zodiac system used for humans based on the sun's position at birth. Each sign is associated with certain qualities and tendencies, such as Aries being known for their energy and independence and Taurus for their loyalty and love of comfort. Pet Astrology Pet astrology uses a pet's birth date and time to determine its astrological sign and analyze its personality traits and behaviors based on its associated characteristics. Some people believe that understanding their pet's astrological signs can help them better understand their pet's personality and behavior and provide insights into their likes, ... Read More

What are the rules to move pets and domestic animals through railways?

Anuradha Nanda
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25
On the onset, travelling with a creature is not a fairly easy task. It involves significant expense, planning, and a lot of bureaucratic scuds. Be prepared to put in considerable effort well in advance to your travel date. I actually don't mean to suppress you but to be honest, it is wearisome and stressful:Pets are allowed to travel with the parent if you book the complete coupe (two seats in First AC and 4 seats in Second AC). If you can afford this, it is the safest and easiest way of travelling with your pet.If you have arranged a pet-box with ... Read More

How to take care of pets at home?

Divya Agarwal
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Having a pet sounds interesting and fun. But, adopting a pet and taking care of them is a big responsibility. Here are some of the tips which will help you to take good care of your pet and keep them happy, active and healthy:Feed your pet a good and high-quality foodsTake them for a walk every day for at least half an hourProvide them with the needed vaccination on timeKeep a clean and hygienic environment for themVisit Vet on a weekly/monthly basisEngage and do not leave them alone for a long timeProvide them with a good and comfortable shelterKeep them ... Read More

What is a Blue Paradise Fish and what is its lifespan?

Knowledge base
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24
Among the freshwater Aquarium fishes, the Blue Paradise Fish or the Paradise Gourami is the most acclaimed one after the famous Goldfish. This beautiful small fish, which belongs to gourami family has a scientific name called as Macropodus opercularis. The male fish of this bright coloured species grows up to 10cm, while the female grows to 8cm. These were the first ornamental fishes brought to western aquariums which were also imported to France during 1869.A WarriorThis small beauty is most pugnacious in nature. Paradise fish can combat, fight and is also potential to kill. This fish tends to fight with ... Read More

What are the things I need to take care before adopting a pet?

siddhartha kotamraju
Updated on 18-May-2022 07:41:30
Congratulations!! You have decided to adopt a pet. But there are few things to consider before you adopt a pet:Never adopt a pet, just because your friend has one or because you fell in love with the puppy at first sight. Dig deep into yourself and answer the question, whether you are ready to adopt a pet right now?You have to make a commitment that you will take care of the pet through its lifeMake the necessary modifications in your house and yard to provide the required safety to your pet.Take care that you provide sufficient exercise and stimulation to ... Read More

Pet grooming as a profession

Manoj Rawat
Updated on 17-May-2022 10:46:49
Pet grooming is indeed a profession, but for those who have the love for pets. A pet groomer not just only makes your pets, like dogs or cats, smell and look nice but they also take care of their health and act proactively to deal with any health problem that your pet might be going to suffer from in near future.As far as grooming services a professional pet groomer is required to provide are concerned, they bathe, brush, trim and take care of other grooming aspects. Job skills that an aspiring pet groomer needs to possess are care for animals, ... Read More