What are the health benefits of rice water for babies?

Rice water is not a replacement for breast milk or formula but is used as an effective replacement by many South Indian mothers. It is not only simple and cost-effective but also easily available in every kitchen. It only needs Rice and water to prepare the rice water soup.

Take two tablespoons of rice and one cup of water and boil it in water until the rice becomes soft. After the rice is cooked well, the water is strained and collected. This makes what we call the Rice Water. Though it is very simple and easy to prepare it has been proved very beneficial to weaning kids.

Here are some of the health benefits of Rice water, especially in babies.

Great source of Energy

Regular intake of rice water helps energize the baby instantly because Rice water contains great values of carbohydrates that help fulfill your baby’s energy requirement after a long day of play.

Rice is always considered as a low allergen food which is easily digestible and therefore considered as very beneficial for babies. Rice is usually the very first solid food which is started to babies when it weans from mother’s milk. Even before rice is given to babies, rice water can be started to introduce starches. Rice water is considered to be a very rejuvenating and healthy drink for babies once they are five months old. And it is the most economical to prepare, with very minimal ingredients.

Stomach friendly to babies

Babies will be restless and cry when their stomachs are filled with gas. Rice water is proved to be effective in removing gastritis condition in babies. Also, rice water is very good at treating constipation in babies.

When babies are getting teeth, diarrhea and vomiting are very common in babies. Adding a pinch of salt to rice water helps in recovering the sodium levels that a baby has lost during dehydration and compensates for the lost fluids. In fact, rice water contains more calories than ORS solutions available in the market.

Rich in essential vitamins and Proteins

Essential Vitamins like Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Niacin, and Riboflavin are abundantly present in wonder drink. These vitamins are very essential for growing babies for their physical and mental development. For a baby to grow strong and healthy bones, proteins are the vital ingredients. Rice water is rich with these vital proteins and very beneficial too as we can start feeding a baby on rice water from a very young age of 5 months.

Enhances baby's skin glow

Babies skin is very soft and wonderful. Rice water acts as an excellent moisturizer and further enhances the baby's skin texture. Skin rashes or skin problems like dermatitis or eczema can be very distressing for a small baby. These problems can be reduced effectively with rice water.

Most of the skin ointments for external use contain steroids. It is not advised to use such strong skin ointments and creams for the infant's skin. Rice water can be used very safely without any side-effects.