What are the different kinds of advertising frauds?

Now, let me put it this way, according to the rules of Indian advertising you are not allowed to present false or misleading advertisements. By misleading ads we mean, ads with exotic language or without any relevant explanation. If the same thing would’ve been followed by the tech world then most of us would have been charged for malpractice, I am not taking any names again.

Smart Consumerism

For the readers, the tech circle life begins with some launches and after lots of thorough thought, it ends up with your choice of gadget in your hands. In all this process, somewhere in the middle, we tech writers try our best to get all the useful facts and figures to help you in making the informed decision. The smarter and brief our research is with facts and figures, the smarter and wise decision customers make to get a device. With all this hullabaloo about what is best, how to decide and what is the most ideal and fair process, if there is any fair process. If there is, then what is that?

For example, if someone says

“This phone is the best the market has to offer, it’s a competition killer and no one can get a better phone than this one.”

Then he would better have done all the relevant tests to get to this conclusion. Sadly, this doesn’t happen in the Tech industry. While some of them are still following the true principles of actual journalism, the rest of are busy producing compromised, or worse, biased content to maintain a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with tech companies and their marketing posse.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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