What are the different benefits of using programming languages in compiler design?

There are the following benefits of programming languages which are as follows −

  • To improve your ability to develop effective algorithms − Some languages support features if they are used appropriately, which will be useful to the developer. But if used inappropriately, it can cause waste in a huge amount of computer time or lead the developer to tedious logical errors. Recursion is a convenient programming feature that, when accurately used, enables the direct performance of simple and efficient algorithms. When used inappropriately, it can generate an extreme raise in execution time.

  • To improve the use of existing programming language − By understanding how features in the language are implemented, greatly increase our ability to write efficient programs.

  • To increase your vocabulary of useful programming constructs − It is broadly considered that the depth at which it can consider is affected by the energetic power of the language in which it can connect our thoughts. Languages serve both as a service and a force to thinking. A person uses languages to define thoughts, but languages serve also to design how one thinks, to one magnitude that it is complex to think in ways that enable no direct explanation in words.

  • To allow a better choice of programming language − Some expert developers have had a little orderly education in computer science, instead of they have scientific programming on their own or through in-house training sessions. Such training sessions provide instruction in one or two languages that are precisely applicable to the modern work of the organization. When the situation arises, knowledge of a diversity of languages can enable a choice of only the right language. For a specific project, thereby decreasing the needed coding effort.

    • Applications needing numerical evaluations can be invented using the languages such as C, FORTRAN, and ADA.

    • Application useful in decision making (i.e., Artificial Intelligence applications) can be designed using the languages like LISP, ML, or PROLOG.

  • To make it easier to learn a new language − Computer programming is a young development, and design techniques, software development tools, and programming language are still in a state of constant evolution. This creates software development as an inspiring field, but it also defines that constant learning is important.

  • To make it easier to design a new language − Some new languages are based on C or Pascal as execution models. This method of program design is generally clear if the programmer is recognizable with a range of constructs and execution methods from traditional programming languages.