What are the advantages and disadvantages of not marrying ever?

In Francis Bacon’s essay, Of Marriage and Single Life, he mentioned that when somebody asked him when should one marry, he replied, “ A young man not now and an elder man never.” Truly Bacon has answered the question in the wittiest manner.

According to me, both marrying and not marrying has advantages and disadvantages depending on the age and occupation of the person.

Advantages of Not Marrying Ever

  • A charitable person like a bishop of the church or a priest at a temple should remain single for they can pay their tithes in due time. They will not feel any financial burden and will not have any bills of charges from their wives or children.

  • They can focus on important goals in life by taking risks in their career. Our late president APJ Abdul Kalam had never married in his life. This would have definitely helped him serve the nation in a better manner as all his time would have been spent in taking care of his objective which was serving the country.

  • A single man can be a fair master and a fair servant too. No hurry to leave office early to go out with the family and no need of telling a lie to get a leave.

  • A lot of money is even saved and can be invested on adventure trips, taking a better qualification, etc.

Disadvantages of Not Marrying Ever

  • Soldiers and the people in defence will have no one who must be waiting for them at home. So, they may not have that zeal to fight for the motherland till the last moment.

  • A single man may not be a good citizen. He may jump signals and engage himself in abusive conversations and drinking alcohol late till night as he has no hurry to go home to meet his family.

  • He may become hard-hearted as he has never had a companion throughout his life. Same applies to females.