What are QMF and SPUFI? What is the difference between them for accessing DB2 tables?

Both QMF and SPUFI are tools built to access DB2 databases in a mainframe environment. Using these tools, we can SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE the data from the DB2 database. QMF stands for Query Management Facility and SPUFI stands for SQL Processor Using File Input.

Below are the differences between QMF and SPUFI.

  • SPUFI is a free tool which comes with mainframe DB2 installation, while QMF is a separate licensed tool
  • QMF is an interactive tool which can be used for reporting and formatting purposes, but in case of SPUFI, we need to write the SQL queries in the mainframe dataset and the result is also generated in the mainframe dataset.
  • We can execute more than one query at a time in SPUFI but this is not possible in QMF.

Features of SPUFI

SPUFI reads the SQL statement and returns the query result from/on the PS or PDS mainframe dataset. It also provides below options to control the current SPUFI session the user is working on.

Isolation Level: Users can set the isolation level like RR, CS as per their choice.

Max Select Lines: Maximum number of rows SPUFI will return as a result of SELECT query.

Max Numeric Field: Users can set maximum width of the numeric field as per their choice.

Max Char Field: Users can set maximum width of the character field as per their choice.

Features of QMF

  • The QMF takes the input SQL query in its own interface and returns the result at the same place.
  • The results can be exported to the mainframe dataset.
  • We can display the list of all database items like tables, views, synonyms, etc., using the LIST command.
  • QMF can be used to generate customized reports including tabular and the graphical reports.

Updated on: 01-Dec-2020

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