What are Data Warehouse Users?

Data Warehousing is a technique that is generally used to collect and manage data from multiple sources to provide the business a meaningful business insight. A data warehouse is specifically created for the goals of support management decisions.

In simple terms, a data warehouse defines a database that is maintained independently from an organization’s operational databases. Data warehouse systems enable the integration of several application systems. They provide data processing by supporting a solid platform of consolidated, historical data for analysis.

There are various types of data warehouse users which are as follows −

  • Statisticians − There are generally only a handful of sophisticated analysts Statisticians and operations research types in any organization. Though few, they are multiple best users of the data warehouse; those whose work can contribute to closed-loop systems that deeply hold the operations and profitability of the organizations.

    These users must come to fondness the data warehouse. It is usually that is not difficult. These people are very self-sufficient and required only to be pointed to the database and given some simple instructions about how to get to the information and what times of the day are best for implementing large queries to retrieve data to analyze using their sophisticated tools.

  • Knowledge Workers − A relatively small number of analysts implement the number of new queries and analyses against the data warehouse. These are the users who have the “Designer” or “Analyst” versions of user access tools.

    After a few iterations, their queries and documents generally get published for the benefit of the information consumers. Knowledge Workers are often intensely engaged with the data warehouse design and place the highest demands on the ongoing data warehouse operations team for training and support.

  • Information Consumers − Some users of the data warehouse are information consumers and they will probably never compose a valid ad hoc query. They use static or simple interactive documents that have been developed. It is simple to forget about these users because they generally communicate with the data warehouse only through the work product of others.

  • Executives − Executives are a specific case of the Information Consumers group. Some executives issue their queries, but an executive’s slightest musing can create a flurry of activity between the other types of users. A wise data warehouse designer will develop a very frigid digital dashboard for executives, considering it is easy and economical to do so. Generally, this must follow other data warehouse work, but it never hurts to influence the bosses.

Updated on: 24-Nov-2021

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