What are the elements of data warehouse environment?

Data Warehousing is a technique that is mainly used to collect and manage data from various sources to give the business a meaningful business insight. A data warehouse is specifically designed to support management decisions.

In simple terms, a data warehouse defines a database that is maintained independently from an organization’s operational databases. Data warehouse systems enable the integration of multiple application systems. They support data processing by providing a strong platform of consolidated, historical data for analysis.

Data warehouses generalize and centralize data in multidimensional space. The construction of data warehouses contains data cleaning, data integration, and data transformation and can be looked at as an important preprocessing step for data mining.

The data warehouse manager should secure the data assets with a security program that includes the following elements −

Awareness − The need for security must be continuously reinforced through a constant education process. Just like safety, the concept of security is required to be clear on posters, in briefings, and on the screen.

Executive support − Executive management must be educated about the importance of security and the main elements of security. Executives should work hard to create a healthy respect for the security measures in place and to set good examples.

Policies − Security should be executed through a comprehensive group of well-thought-out policies that are clear, actionable, and fair. Computer and network security policies should be provided along with the employee reference manual, and the human resources staff should be aware and appreciative of the need for security.

Vigilance − Effective security involves continuous vigilance. Security should be checked and refreshed constantly.

Suspicion − Someone in the data warehouse group should adopt an always suspicious attitude. Such a person should be reviewing login attempt records, lifting ceiling tiles, and asking why people need to see the data. Although this suspicious attitude cannot influence the security administration, it is essential to have this attitude available to act as a counterweight to some people who want to overlook security or not examine it closely.

Continuous renewal − Security must be a dynamic, continuously evolving quest. If it becomes static, it will be compromised. The state of the local web and the state of the market as a whole should be reviewed, with the potential of refreshing security measures. It should be expected that the technology available both to the data warehouse manager as well as to the intruder will change, adapt, and become more powerful.

Updated on: 10-Feb-2022

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