Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

What is Wedding Guest Book?

A wedding guest book helps the guests to offer warm wishes to the couple. The book can act as a memory which can be enjoyed in the years to come. This is a book that can help you to personalize your special day. Your family and friends sign their names on the book along with their wishes.

Why Wedding Guest Book Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of keeping a guestbook which are listed below

  • The pages of a guestbook can deteriorate with time

  • If lost, no more memories will be available

  • The book has to be taken or passed to each guest for their wishes and signature

  • Some guests may miss the opportunity to wish

How to choose a Wedding Guest Book Alternative?

Here are things which you need to look for in a Wedding Guest Book alternative −

  • Enough space to write

  • Easy to share

  • Customization should be simple

Top 10 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

There are many alternatives to the Wedding Guest Book and some of them are discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – The Wish Tree

The Wish Tree is a custom of the Dutch people. In this custom, wishes for the couple are written on a leaf or a card stick and then they are attached to a tree. This tree is then placed at the door of the reception entrance. When other guests come and watch the tree, they are overwhelmed to write their wishes and attach them to the tree.

Alternative 2 – Jenga Wedding Guest Book

If the couple loves games, Jenga wedding guest book is a great alternative to the traditional one. Couples can host a game in which Jenga blocks are provided to each guest who has to write their wishes on these blocks. This is a game where you can play repeatedly to have a lot of Jenga blocks as memories.

Alternative 3 – Polaroid Guest Book

Polaroid Guest Book can be used to take a snap and get the print instantly. This will help to make a nice guestbook of snaps. This guest book can be integrated to a photo booth so that copies of pictures can be given to guests.

Alternative 4 – Signature Tree Wedding Guest Book

This is a great alternative to a Wedding guest book. You can either buy a kit or make a customized one. The aim of this guest book is that guests have to give their signature on a leaf which has to be attached to a board. This can be considered as an interactive guest book which can act as a lifetime memory.

Alternative 5 – Video Booths

Video booths are a great alternative to wedding guest books. A video booth can be created by recording the videos of the guests with their message of best wishes. A karaoke can also be arranged for extra fun and it can also be recorded. The videos in this guest book can also be edited.

Alternative 6 – Thumb Print Wedding Guest Book

This is a guestbook that can be framed in the form of wall art. There can be a tree with a lot of branches and you can have fingerprints of your guests on each branch. These fingerprints will act as leaves of the tree. Such a type of guest book can be a great artwork and memory for the wedding.

Alternative 7 – Voicemail Audiobook

You can make a creative guestbook in a different way. Rather than taking a paper and getting wishes and signatures of your guests, go for voice messages which can be recorded in a voicemail audiobook. These messages can be recorded with the help of a landline phone.

Alternative 8 – Container Wedding Guest Book

This is another great alternative to traditional guest books. In this type of guest book, there is a container. Guests have to write their wishes in a piece of paper along with their signature and put it in the container. This type of guestbook gives a freedom of creativity

Alternative 9 – Advice cards

This is another creative form of a Wedding Guest Book in which advice cards are placed on a table with the following prompts

  • Always

  • Never

  • Don’t forget to

  • Remember

A lot of space for the guests is available to write their message and sign. These cards can later be collected and bound in the form of a guest book. A digital pic can also be added to the card to increase creativity. This can be done through the polaroid camera.

Alternative 10 – Guest Quilt

Guest Quilt is another alternative to the wedding guest book. In this guest book, Fabric squares and fabric markers are given to the guests to write their messages and give a signature. These square blocks can later be sewn in the form of a quilt.


Wedding Guest Books are a great option to have the wishes and signatures of guests at the time of wedding. People who are not satisfied with this idea can go for video, audio, voicemail, or other types of guest books. All these guest books can be used for creativity.

Updated on: 09-May-2023


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