What are some tips to decorate a wedding house?

A wedding house is synonymous with a venue where happiness, joy, and celebration reside. These inner feelings of the residents are often reflected in the Décor of the wedding house.

Tips To Decorate The Wedding House

  • Flowers grace every memorable occasion. Plenty of flowers inside the house, over the walls, and also on the grills of the staircase look wonderful.

  • Silk cloth or any other cloth that has shine and appeal like Georgette can be used. Imagine, what wonders can a lad’s wedding saree do at the occasion of her Daughter’s marriage. Her saree can not only make her daughter happy if gifted, but it can also add to the beauty of the Puja-Ghar, often called 'The Mandir' of the house.

  • Frills made up of hard paper and even those made up of old wedding cards look beautiful when hung from the ceiling of the house.

  • Gemstones or small pebbles can be used in Drawing Room in some Glass crockery as a showpiece.

  • Bonsai Plants: These small plants add the greenery to the home usually. Moreover, for such a harmonious occasion like Marriage, they are symbolic of prosperity too. Grace and elegance to the Drawing Room through this Bonsai plant is quite in vogue nowadays.