Website Development - Setup


After understanding most of the important factors of Website Development, it is now time to set up a webpage. For setting up a webpage, we should adhere to all the steps given below.

Step 1 − Firstly, we purchased a domain name at GODADDY.

Step 2 − We chose the hosting provider based on the analysis of the hosting plans that we needed.

Step 3 − We configured the DNS records and the DNS servers of the registrar that in our case was GODADDY again.

Step 4 − Now that we are done with all the above-mentioned steps, it is time to upload the files of the webpage through CPanel → File Manager.

File Manager

Step 5 − After opening it, upload the files in the folder named public_html as shown in the following screenshot.

Public Html

Step 6 − If you have a dynamic website, then you must configure the database too. To do it, go to MySQL Databases.

MySQL Database

Step 7 − Click on Create New Database and then write the database name that your website will have and then click on Create Database as shown in the screenshot given below.

New Database

Step 8 − In the Add New User section type the Username and the password and then click on Create User.

New User

Step 9 − We must add the user that we created for this database to give rights or permissions to manage it.

Add User to Database