Website Development - Required Skills


The skills required to set up a website can vary from very basic to the most advanced. If you are going to set up a professional website for a global audience, then you should have the following set of skills or you would have to hire a group of people to do this job for you.

Content Experts

Content experts supply the content that is to be published on the website. They design the content as per the requirement of the target audience and then, edit and polish the content before it gets published.

Content experts normally rely on the expertise of the site designer and the webmaster. Note that the content can be text, data, images, audio or links.

Website Designer

A web designer is a technical person who designs and maintains the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the website. For example, where the buttons should be placed, how the images are to be displayed, etc.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers develop image files that are to be included in the website. These professionals have a keen understanding of developing suitable graphics for the web environment.

Web Developers

Web developers create the program codes to manipulate the supplied content, based on the site design established by the website designer. A web programmer should use a set of programing languages to compile specific functions that the webpages should do in the background. Here is a set of important programing languages that a web programmer must be good at −

  • HTML / XHTML − These are the markup languages which you will use to build your website. A web programmer must have a good understanding of HTML and XML.

  • PHP − It is a popular programming language to develop webpages. You can collect more information on PHP on − .

  • PERL Script − PERL is another language which is being used to develop interactive Web Applications. If you are planning to use PERL to develop your website, then please browse our tutorial – to know more about PERL.

  • Java or VB Scripts − These scripts are required to perform user-level validations and to add more interactivity to your Website. So, a web developer is required to have adequate knowledge of any of these client-side scripts.

  • AJAX Technology − AJAX is the latest technology on the Web. Google and Yahoo are using this technology to give a better browsing experience to their website visitors.

  • ASP or JSP − Web developers are required to be well-versed with ASP or JSP to develop interactive websites. To get more information, you can go through our tutorials on ASP and JSP at − and

  • Macromedia Flash − You can use Macromedia Flash to build a Website. It can be a little time-consuming to learn this technology, but once you learn how to use it, then you can develop attractive websites using Flash.

Web Researcher

You should research on new tools, trends and issues affecting the web technology. Web researchers report to the webmaster regarding new techniques that can be integrated in the website. They optimize appropriate site traffic and evaluate site development tools, which can be either hardware or software.

Hardware and Software Support Resource

The Support Resource upgrades the hardware and software as and when needed. They play a crucial role in keeping the system up and running in a flawless manner.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing professionals mostly use popular Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the content and resources available on the site. They reach out to the target audience and create awareness among them.

System Administrator

A System Administrator knows how to set up and point the protocols as HTTP, FTP, SMTP and DNS records. System administrators are those experts who look after every aspect of website development and its maintenance.