Configure DNS Record on a Hosting Platform


DNS records are mainly used to convert domain names into servers’ IP that host this website. It is important to mention that the records are entered at domain registrars. They generally provide you with a DNS manager panel. The main purpose is that people and applications don’t have to remember big numbers to navigate to a domain. For example, has an IP of, so it is easier to remember a friendly name.

Pointing a Domain to an IP is done through a record. For example: A

There are other types of DNS records that are used for a webpage, depending on the functions that we need to publish.

S.No Type of Record & Explanations

A Record

Connects an IP Address to a host name


CNAME Record

Allows more than one DNS name for a host


MX Record

Ensures email is delivered to the right location


NS Record

Contains the name server info


TXT Record

Provides additional info about a host or more technical info to servers


SRV Record

Finds computers that host specific services


AAAA Record

Provides IP addresses that do not fit a standard A Record format


SPF Record

Used to help prevent against spam

Let us now see it practically: earlier the domain was purchased at GoDaddy, which needs to now point to an IP. For doing this, we must follow the steps given below.

To begin with, you should start with entering the username and password. Then click on “Manage My Domains”.

Manage Domains

Select the Domain whose DNS should be managed by clicking on Setting. Click on “Manage DNS “.

Manage DNS

A new window will pop up and you must then select the record that you want to enter. In this case, we should enter A Record to publish on the website.

A Record

The boxes shown in the following screenshot will be opened. In the “Host” box, enter the subdomain name which will be www and in the “Points to” box enter the IP – In the “TTL” drop box, we need to select 1 Hour, which means in one hour the record will be spread globally and the webpage will be effective. Once all this is done, click “Save”.

Sub Domain Host