Ways to completely disable windows 8 1 help tips

Earlier, beginner of Windows 8 and Window RT were unknown from the hot corners features. Whenever they move their cursor on the corner of the screen and got any pop-up, they thought that is a new feature discovery.

Due to this consideration, Microsoft in Windows 8.1 introduced a new feature “Help Tips”. Now, moving cursor on the corner of the screen brings up the Help Tips.

Using “Help Tips”, user can move to different points and get info and importance about those points. This feature is basically for users who are poor or beginner, not for knowledgeable users; they really like to disable them,

Still, some users are complaining that these Help Tips (pop-ups) does not vanish after completion of particular task. So, to come out of these problems, users permanently need to disable it. Let’s see how you can permanently disable the Windows 8.1 Help Tips,

Completely disable Windows 8.1 Help Tips

Two ways you can use to disable Help Tips;

  • Disable Using Metro search

  • Disable Using Registry Editor

Disable Using Metro search

To do this, first, go to the settings, open the Metro Search and type “gpedit.msc”, press “Enter” to open the “Local Group Policy Editor”.

When the Local Group Policy Editor opens, go to the User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components and click on Edge UI.

The Edge UI displays “Disable help tips” on the right side panel of the window, double-click on it will open Disable help tips dialog box. In Disable help tips dialog box there are three options; Disabled, Enabled, and Not Configured. Click on “Disabled” and then click on “OK”.

When all above process done, you won’t get any Help Tips ever, until and unless you enable it.

Disable Using Registry Editor

To do this, first press “Windows + R”, the Run dialog box opens, to the Run dialog box type “regedit” and click on OK. The Registry Editor opens.

In the Registry Editor, navigate to:


Once you reach to the Windows registry folder, right-click on it, click on “New → Key” and rename it “EdgeUI”.

Again, right-click on “EdgeUI” to choose “DWORD (32-bit) Value”.

Rename the New value “DisableHelpSticker”.

Double-click on the new D-WORD (32-bit) value (DisableHelpSticker), enter “1″ in the Value data box and then click on “OK”.


Help Tips are really very helpful, but if you think that it is troubling you. You can easily disable it and enjoy your stuffs.

Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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Updated on: 07-Jul-2020


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