Wakeboarding - The Rules

There is a panel of judges for providing scores to the rider. After the rider’s performance is over, the judges write down all skills performed by the rider. While marking the scores, they also consider the following factors −

  • Degree of difficulty of each trick
  • Style of the rider
  • Smoothness of execution
  • Overall performance of the rider

The basic rules given below are followed −

  • In case of a trick is performed smoothly, the judges add to the scores and in case of falls, they charge for penalties.

  • Judges record points for each rider out of total 100 points.

  • In case of unfortunate events during a race which affects the rider’s performance, a rider can appeal for a re-ride.

  • The rider has to take the first re-ride immediately.

  • For second re-ride, the rider is given 5 minutes break.

  • A rider gets two passes to perform the routine. During routine, a rider receives one obstacle as well as one fall. In some cases, two falls are allowed.

  • The rider is picked up by the boat after the first fall.

  • If the rider falls twice in his second matches, the routine ends there.

  • Towing is prohibited between sunset and sunrise.

  • A rider must register oneself before an event.

  • During the game, wearing lifejacket is compulsory for the riders.

  • During the ride of wakeboard, the boat driver and the rider must communicate between themselves using only the approved signals.