Wakeboarding - Playing Environment


Wakeboarding can be played in lakes, rivers, and lake parks. There are more than 250 wake parks all over the world located in more than 30 countries including Germany, France, UK, USA, and Turkey.

Wake Parks

They are the water bodies with ample reservoir of water. In wakeboarding, the riders usually get pulled by a motorboat.

In the surface of these wakeboard lakes, different obstacles such as sliders and kickers are there for performing aerial tricks.

Cable Wakeboarding

It is just same as regular wakeboarding with one difference: In cable wakeboarding, the rider is not pulled by a motorboat. Instead, a system of overhead cables is used to pull the rider.

A wake park includes a lake being surrounded by masts which hold an overhead cable. The cable rotates in the designed direction around the lake and has number of carriers. The riders get pulled by ropes attached to these carriers.