Wakeboarding - How to Play?


As you know by now, wakeboarding water sport is the game of strength, endurance, speed, and tricks. While exercising and maintaining one’s physical strength well, the rider can actually start practicing the game in water with full preparation.

Here are the basic steps at the beginning of the game −

  • Enter into water with the board lying perpendicular to your body.

  • Keep your heels resting on the board’s heel side edge.

  • Hold the handle of the wakeboard that is connected to the boat.

  • Once you are ready, indicate the boat driver to start the boat. Slowly, the boat is pushed against his/her feet.

  • Initially the boat moves with a slow and steady acceleration of 10-12 mph. As the boat takes speed gradually, it is popped on the water surface.

  • Once up on the water surface, push the board using your forward leg which will work as an accelerator to make the player move closer to the board. Pushing the board on your back foot slows the board and creates more distance between the board and the boat.

  • After a while, will find the place where you need not have to use the rope tension but you are simply pushed by the wakes produced by the boats.

  • Based on your comfort, you can lock the speed and acceleration of the boat.

  • Start riding the board sideways with the knees bent towards the chest and the arms holding the handlebar of the wakeboard rope. Point your toes towards the boat to reduce the drag of the boat against the water and make it pop up more easily on the water surface.

  • Once the board starts moving smoothly on the top of water, you can perform different tricks against the wakes created by the boat.