Tips for Students to Ace any Competitive Examination

A few days ago, I happened to read a humorous infographic in one of the reputed newspapers. clearly, the beloved cartoonist of the newspaper was trying to take a dig at the extremely competitive world. The infographic read Time will pass. Will you? This brought some smiles on my face and soon, I found myself lost in a whirlpool of emotions where my mind profoundly pondered and wandered into the nitty-gritty of examinations.

Let me express this modicum of truth – Students generally hesitate to confront the glare of examination results. Despite learning and understanding various new concepts, despite toiling and memorizing all the basics, despite making volumes and volumes of notes and listening to various lectures, more often than not, many students do not perform to the best of their abilities. The reason behind this simple yet unknown to many- Lack of holistic learning.

Holistic Learning

There are a host of best learning practices that come under the aegis of ‘Holistic Learning’. To put in simple terms, holistic learning is all about creating a network of ideas to see the big picture of education which is high on truth and low on self-exculpation. Let me now share some serious study tips that help you ace any competitive examination:

Write Down your Goals

If your goals are worth achieving, then they are worth writing. Write down your goals on a piece of paper and ensure that you stick it on your wall. This will act as a constant driving force and always propel the passion in you.

Read the Lessons and Listen to Lectures

Start reading the lessons from prescribed text-books or any other reference material. Listen to lectures and jot down all the important points. Get your doubts cleared then and there. Do not hesitate to get your queries answered by educators, teachers and professors. There are various online forums and doubt clarification communities. Talk to subject matter experts and understand the concepts. The key to excel in exams is not just to memorize content but to understand the content and present it eloquently.

Rephrase the Content

Students generally face a lot of difficulty in memorizing the technical and textbook jargon. In such cases, it is best to rephrase the content and understand the subject matter.

Let me explain this with an example – A complex sentence such as His speech is inchoate and melodramatic can be rephrased as His speech is imperfectly scripted. Text-books and lectures are generally high on rhetoric. So rephrase the content.


Who doesn’t like stories? Story-telling is one of the proven ways of engaging yourself. Once you rephrase the content, carve a simple yet impactful story. Explain the story to your friends. Story -telling has the following two benefits:

  • It improves your oratorical and public speaking skills.
  • It creates an everlasting impact on your friends and enhances your visualization process.


Although flexible study-timings are okay, it is important that you stick to a routine. If you are a night owl, it is better to study in the wee hours of the day. If you are an early bird, it is better to study in the early hours of the day.


It doesn’t matter for how long you study unless and until your concentration levels go for a toss. If you are not concentrating on what you are doing, you may end up spending more time than the needful. To improve your concentration levels, do meditation for at-least ten minutes. Meditation increases your retention power as well.

Exercise Every Day

If you believe that life is all about making an impact, you need to have a healthy mind and a healthy soul.

So, exercise every day. If you are not comfortable with hitting the gym or going for a yoga session, just walk for half-an-hour.

You can also do some simple desk exercises to keep yourself active. this will definitely refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body.

Group Study

The purpose of group study sessions is to exchange knowledge and gain knowledge. It is not uncommon to see students indulging in non-productive activities and whiling away the time. Rest for a while if you must but do not while away your hours. Participate in quiz sessions. Quiz sessions will be interactive and hence knowledge transfer (KT) is an essential outcome. Friends are fount of innovative ideas.

It is important to understand each and every knowledgeable guy’s perspective.

Revise and Practice

Just revise and revise as many times as possible. Practice as many times as possible. If you are weak in any particular subject or any particular concept, take the guidance of subject matter experts and give as many mock exams as possible. If possible, enroll yourself in any coaching center or a tuition center.


Too much of anything will result in nothing. Do not get stuck in the mundane and monotonous routine. Watch movies, play games and have some soul-searching conversations with your friends and family members. However, ensure that you strike a perfect balance and leap to the top.

All this sounds music and honey to ears. However, the aforementioned principles are better said than practiced. Rather than itching for a fight with your nemesis named ‘Exams’, follow the tips and experience the joy of studying. So what are waiting for? Grab your books and kick start your preparation!

karthikeya Boyini
karthikeya Boyini

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