What is the way to practice verbal ability for SSC Bank PO examination?

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Bank PO, SSC examinations are some of the popular competitive examinations taken by aspirants who wish to step into a good government job. The syllabus includes questions on Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and General Knowledge.

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability?

  • Go through the complete syllabus of the particular exam you are planning to take.

  • Purchase verbal ability books available in the market. You may also get it from someone, or get second-hand books from the market if you do not wish to buy new copies.

  • Practice each and every concept from these books, and practice those concepts which you find difficult again and again.

  • Practice whatever concepts you find difficult in that book, from other books such as Arihant Publications or RS Aggarwal.

  • Purchase previous year's Question papers of SSC, Bank PO, and other exams. This will give you an idea about the exam pattern. Get them solved.

  • Join some test series of leading coaching institutes and revise all the tests that you had attempted.

Tips to score well

  • Maintain a rigorous schedule and practice a chapter every day.

  • Revise topics and solve verbal questions periodically.

  • You can also try asking your seniors. Intelligent people learn from other people’s mistakes.

  • Practice not only the questions, but also short tricks related to vocabulary such as learning from root words, and other words in context.

  • Practice Reading comprehensions from newspaper articles. You may read the articles on your own and predict what kind of questions can be put forth in such a passage.

Published on 11-Jan-2019 06:48:32