The Best Bodyweight Exercise for Working Out Every Part of Your Body

Bodyweight workouts are easy and efficient techniques to increase balance, elasticity, and muscle without using gym machinery or equipment. All of these workouts may be done at home.

Who requires a gym when you have your living room floor?

We've examined every component of your body that can gain strength with body resistance alone, from your thighs and arms to your chest and belly. We've also included some simple weight training for newcomers and evaluated the outcomes of bodyweight workouts to weights, gyms, and cardio programs.

Mix a few of these workouts to create your self-development and self-routine, or fit them into one you already have. Hammond suggests training each group of muscles at least two times a week. In this section, he recommends the best bodyweight exercises for each group of muscles. Hammond recommends five sets of each of the workouts mentioned below.

Also, see your doctor before starting any new fitness plan if you have any injuries or ailments that may impair your ability to work out correctly.


Push-ups − The push-up strengthens both the upper and lower bodies. 1 It may modify it in various ways; newcomers can initiate with milder variants, whereas more expert exercisers might utilize a more complex form. Push-ups can be done as part of a bodyweight exercise routine, a cycle training program, or a strengthening workout.

Push-ups shuffle − The push-up shuffle is a more challenging version of the standard push-up. It is far superior to the standard push-up version in developing shoulder stabilization, coronal consistency, and balance training. This is one of several push-up variants.

Isometric Chest Squeeze

  • Stand tall with your arms outstretched in front of you, bent at 90 degrees.

  • Try squeezing your hands together as hard as you can.

  • Hold the strain for 15 to 30 seconds before relaxing.

Expert advice − To train your lower pecs, alter the posture of your hands towards 45 degrees.


Triceps Dip − The triceps dip workout is an excellent bodyweight workout for developing arm and shoulder endurance. This introductory workout can be performed practically and wherever and comes in various versions to suit your overall fitness. It may be used as part of full half-strength training.

Plank-ups and downs − An up-and-down plank works on the arms, shoulders, and core. You'll target the triceps, shoulder, abdomen, and lower spine as you go up and down. Gearing up in the plank position requires activating your quadriceps and glutes. It's challenging, but you can execute it almost any place using a workout mattress and your body mass.

Triangle push-ups − Diamond push-ups, sometimes called triangle push-ups, are a push-up variant that focuses on the triceps. Triangle push-ups are more challenging and complex than regular push-ups. By bringing your hands together in a triangle, you move your mass to your triceps rather than your shoulders and chest, making this one of the most excellent triceps workouts.


Superman Y − The superman Y exercise is a safe and effective workout for people, including all physical conditioning. It works your lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. Furthermore, it compliments other core workouts that primarily target the abdominal muscles at the front of your body, like leg raises and sit-ups. However, you may wonder how to do it effectively and securely so that you concentrate on the correct muscles without injuring yourself.

Bird Dog − The bird dog is a standard core workout that helps increase stability, alleviates lower back discomfort, and promotes a neutral spine. This workout targets and strengthens your back, thigh, and core muscles by using your total body mass. It also helps to gain proper healthy posture and the expansion of freedom of body motion. This exercise is appropriate for all fitness lovers, including seniors, and helps avoid injury, aligns your spine, and heals from the low back discomfort while sitting down.

Superman T − Put your body in a T posture by lying face down on a mattress with your arms spread at your sides. Lift your arms and chest off the mat using your back and shoulders. Hold before lowering yourself to your starting posture.

Core and abdominal muscles-

Plank − The plank is an intensive balance training exercise that includes holding a posture like a push-up for as long as possible. It's also a front hold, hover, or abdominal bridging. The most popular plank is the forearm plank, which is performed with the body supported by the forearms, elbow, and toes in a push-up-like posture.

Bicycle crunches − The bicycle crunch is a very effective core exercise that allows you to work your abs through rotation, but the goal is to do the action slowly. Doing so decreases stability in your abdominals and core and ultimately negates the purpose of the exercise.

Side plank − The side plank is a good workout for the lateral stomach muscles, which are less heavily targeted during core workouts like crunches. You will maintain a straight posture on your side while using one arm and the side of one foot for support.


Jump Squats − A jump squat is a high-intensity exercise incorporating a standard squat with a leaping motion. Activities that use only your body weight, called "jump squats," are distinguished by a straight upward directed leap at the movement's peak. When jump squats are done correctly, they may be a fantastic way to lose weight and build upper-body and lower-body tensile strength.

Reverse Lunge − The reverse lunge is a leg and body mass workout that tones your bottom body's muscles. Step backward while maintaining a correct posture and a balanced upper body to execute reverse lunges. You should squat such that your front leg forms a 90-degree angle. With proper form, reverse lunges are one of the most accessible lunge variations you can use in your strength training program.

Full Body

Burpee − Most of your body's major muscle groups, including your abs, glutes, quadriceps, delts, and hamstrings, are worked during a burpee. To complete a burpee, you must first squat down from standing, kick your legs back into a plank posture, and then repeat. You stand up and jump off the ground after each repeat before going on to the next one. Burpees are a full-body workout that can enhance cardiovascular endurance, increase cardio fitness, and burn calories. The burpee box jump, burpee tuck jump, and burpee pull-up are a few burpee variations.

Updated on: 20-Jan-2023


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