SWING - Menu Classes

As we know that every top-level window has a menu bar associated with it. This menu bar consists of various menu choices available to the end user. Further, each choice contains a list of options, which is called drop-down menus. Menu and MenuItem controls are subclass of MenuComponent class.

Menu Hierarchy

Swing Menu Hiearchy

Menu Controls

Sr.No. Class & Description
1 JMenuBar

The JMenuBar object is associated with the top-level window.

2 JMenuItem

The items in the menu must belong to the JMenuItem or any of its subclass.

3 JMenu

The JMenu object is a pull-down menu component which is displayed from the menu bar.

4 JCheckboxMenuItem

JCheckboxMenuItem is the subclass of JMenuItem.

5 JRadioButtonMenuItem

JRadioButtonMenuItem is the subclass of JMenuItem.

6 JPopupMenu

JPopupMenu can be dynamically popped up at a specified position within a component.