Simple Machines


A simple machine can be defined as the most easily accessible device that is used for the work against the single land force. The simple machines are used as one of the great mediums to do all the work in a simple form (Özkan & Eryılmaz, 2018).

For instance, levers, wheels, and pulleys are used in the mechanism of bicycles. Over time the modern implementation of innovative machines has increased in a significant way. Simple machines are regarded as elementary building blocks.

The characteristic of the ideal Simple machines

Simple machine should not dissipate the energy throughout the friction deformation or wear. Through this process, the energy is observed and then it will be called a simple machine. In the case of a simple machine the power that the machines consume is similar to the power that the machines released.

Simple machines

Figure 1: Simple machines

Simple machines do not possess the source of energy. Therefore, they cannot produce extra energy. A simple machine that does not possess elasticity or friction is called the ideal simple machine. In ancient times people used simple machines when they did not have the knowledge of the smart mechanical devices. Over time, people learned how to construct the machines to perform their daily work. This particular types of machine are generally called as simple machines.

Simple machines: categories

There are six types of simple machines are there such as Lever, Wedge, Screw, axle, and wheel pulley.

Inclined Plane

An inclined plane is an example of a simple machine which is used for raising the heavy bodies by using a sloping plane. It generally lifts the objects in two different ways, one by lifting in a straight direction. As opined by Kanwal et al. (2020), another way is by bringing the objects at the top by moving them diagonally. Sidewalk ramps, and inclined conveyor belts side back roads are some examples of inclined planes.

Wheel and Axle

Wheel and axle is other type of the simple machine. It brings an extreme change in the field of physics. It moves in a cylindrical or circular shape. The axle moves with the wheel by maintaining the speed (Dewantara & Wati, 2019). This particular principle has been used for the movement of the objects or for lifting various objects from different places.


This particular machine resembles a wheel and axle. The pulley is used instead of axle. Pulley is generally uses as a cord, rope, or belt.

Pulley: simple machine

Figure 2: Pulley: simple machine

These can be easily prorated and these further rotate the particular wheels. The hoisting of the flag by using rope can be the best example of a pulley.


Wage is the example of a simple machine. Various heavy objects are broken by using wage. A force of magnitude is needed for breaking down the heavy materials.


A screw is the shaft wrapped by the inclined plane. It is generally used to hold various thighs as well as to lift the thighs. Screw, clamp, bolt, spiral staircase, and spinning stool are some examples of screws.


Levers are simple machines. Levers are very easy to use. It is generally used to raise various objects. Levers have a fulcrum and arm. As opined by Baghdadi et al. (2018), these fulcrums and arms are moved in the opposite direction. If the force is applied in one direction, then in the opposite direction the pivot exerts the force. Thus, the distance and force are proportional with each other. The best example of leavers is the hammer which is used to pry nails and see-saw, which is a favorite too of the children. There are different types of leavers are are very useful in daily life. They are First-Class Lever, Second-Class Lever, and Third-Class Lever. The leavers are very useful and it is used for daily uses. Te leavers are very beneficial as it allows the individual to do their daily work more efficiently. Leavers are good materials

The importance of simple machine

All through the simple machines make the work easier but at the same time they do not decrease the amount of work. Simple machine does not change the amount of work that the individual news to apply to a particular thing but it minimizes the amount of force applied on the things (Kamath et al. 2022). It refers to the basic machines that are very beneficial to do the simple work in a more effective way. When a simple machine is used, it is used from a distance so that more force can be applied to the particular object. Therefore, simple machine allows an individual to exert the force that one cannot exert otherwise.


Simple machines are the very useful matches that are used to do the work in an effective way. There are several types of simple machines that are made for the benefit of the individuals. The usages of these kinds of machines are very useful for doing the daily activates in a smooth way.


Q1. What are simple machines?

Ans: Simple machines are the objects that are utilized for modification of the force as well as the motion for performing work. Simple machines are known to follow the simplest mechanism for utilizing leverage to enhance force.

Q2. What is a lever?

Ans: Lever is simple machine that consists of fulcrum, a fixed movable part. The effort arm is the part on which force is applied for lifting the load. Load arm is the part on which load is placed.

Q3. How can the effort arm be distinguished from the load arm?

Ans: The length of the effort arm is greater than the load arm. Lode and effort are located on the same side of the fulcrum.

Q4. How can effort arm be distinguished from effort force?

Ans: Lever is a rigid object that rotates on the central axis known as Fulcrum. Effort force is input force applied on a rigid object at distance (effort arm) from fulcrum. The force is applied for moving load force located on load arm.

Updated on: 22-Aug-2023


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