Serverless Tutorial

Serverless Tutorial

Serverless tutorial, as the name suggests, helps you deploy your lambda functions using the serverless functions. Lambda functions are becoming very popular because they relieve the user of the headache of maintaining a server, and also because they charge the user only for the amount of time and resources used. If your function runs for 500ms, you will be charged only for 500ms. Deploying lambda functions from your local machine to AWS has been simplified very significantly by the serverless framework, further relieving the user of the headache of creating the stack and the required resources. Serverless does everything for you to get your lambda functions running. We will primarily look at configuring the serverless framework in this tutorial. Two examples of popular serverless projects are provided at the end, for you to get an idea of the complete picture.


This tutorial is ideal for students/ professionals of an engineering background who are working in fields like Cloud Engineering, Data Science, IoT, DevOps, Backend Systems, etc. People who are just curious and enthusiastic about serverless computations may also find this tutorial beneficial.


Familiarity with AWS Lambda will be very beneficial, although it is not mandatory. You can check out this AWS Lambda Tutorial.We will be using Python as the AWS Lambda runtime for this tutorial. Therefore, familiarity with Python will be helpful.

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