Review of Magento Platform – Content Management System

Magento is a fastest growing open source eCommerce platform that uses MySQL and Zend PHP databases. Magento is a very flexible eCommerce platform that facilitates powerful marketing, Management of multiple websites, catalogue management, and integration of Google Website Optimizer and over 50 payment gateways. It gives the flexibility for the users to control the content, look and functionality of the ecommerce.

Magento was originally developed by Varien Inc., a US private company in California. Today, some of their largest users are Burger King, Nestle, Murad, BevMo, and Coca-Cola. Magento open source CMS platform provides increased control in terms of merchandising to promotion and much more, an increased return on investment which leads to increased growth.


Magento is the provider of three distinct platforms so you could opt for the one that best fits your requirements. Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition are the three platforms.

Magento Community Edition is an open-source eCommerce platform for developers and small businesses. It is a free edition featured to meet the needs of small business site to a beginner who wants to experiment and learn to build an online store.

Magento Enterprise Edition is not free, but has more features and functionality. It has out-of-the-box functionality, an unlimited ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations empower thousands of retailers, brands, and businesses to rapidly innovate and grow their businesses. This edition is designed for large businesses that require technical support with installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is an Open Source Platform Provides merchants the ability to deploy faster, with a managed service and cloud hosting that is optimized for the Magento platform. It is a managed and automated platform that offers highly distinguished customer experiences, enhanced merchant ability to respond to the rapid change in technology and also simplified integration with existing. No system administrator is required as they deploy databases, web server, and caching servers themselves. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition cuts out the middleman between your code and deployment.


Magento employs the MySQL/MariaDB relational database management system, the PHP programming language, and elements of the Zend Framework. Magento helps you to achieve better results by letting you integrate with google analytics which helps to easily analyze the behavior of customers on your site which could lead to further optimization of the site to achieve better results Magento supports a Web template system which generates multiple similar-looking pages. It allows us to install and customize the theme change the display of the website or its functionality to sets up an eCommerce website. It provides us with options of customizing the web pages by adding or editing the PHP, HTML and CSS.

Magento makes the Catalog browsing and catalog management very easy by providing us the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. This is a basic editor where you can enter the text and it will not be complex HTML codings. To define how your page should look like, you will have to enter your piece of code and you can select any of its design and template to create your own webpage.

Why Prefer Magento

  • Magento provides a secure platform any eCommerce business. It gives us a Secure Payment Bridge which provides PCI Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS).

  • Magento provides USP as it can easily be built upon and enables businesses to have a systematic managed growth. It is built to scale from 1 to a million, avoiding common pitfalls for developers.

  • It is a robust open source framework suited for eCommerce business. It can easily handle in excess of 500k products and more than 85k orders per hour. It is designed to have several thousand products, users and sustain heavy traffic.

  • Magento comes with built in standard features like up-sell, marketing modules, product bundles, stock management etc. It also provides features which supports Multi-lingual, Multi- currency as well as Multi-stores.

  • Magento is search Engine Friendly giving SEO friendly URLs, Meta Description, generating dynamic sitemaps and so on. SEO optimization with Magento becomes very handy especially when the website is having huge among of products.

  • Magento makes it Easy in integration with several third parties like Payment gateways, Merchant APIs, Logistic &Shipping APIs and so on.

  • Magento has lots of community support in terms of the businesses using Magento as well as development community bring out new themes and plugins for the same. It has a very fast growing versatile community.

Magento is one of the most popular open source e-commerce software which can be used to build the growth of online marketing and content shops. Magento does not require costly licenses for business users to get started with building their content management system. Magento gives the online merchants unprecedented power to create or edit sites that best suit their business needs that are unique from one another.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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