Replace all occurrence of specific words in a sentence based on an array of words in JavaScript

We are required to write a JavaScript function that takes a string and an array of strings.

Our function should return a new string, where all the occurrences of the word in the string that are present in the array are replaced by a whitespace.

Our function should use the String.prototype.replace() method to solve this problem.


The code for this will be −

var excludeWords = ["A", "ABOUT", "ABOVE", "ACROSS", "ALL", "ALONG", "AM",
"AN", "AND", "ANY", "ASK", "AT", "AWAY", "CAN", "DID", "DIDN'T", "DO",
"DON'T", "FOR", "FROM", "HAD", "HAS", "HER", "HIS", "IN", "INTO", "IS",
"IT", "NONE", "NOT", "OF", "ON", "One", "OUT", "SO", "SOME", "THAT",
"THE", "THEIR", "THERE", "THEY", "THESE", "THIS", "TO", "TWIT", "WAS",
var sentence = "The first solution does not work for any UTF-8 alphaben. I
have managed to create function which do not use RegExp and use good UTF-8
support in JavaScript engine. The idea is simple if symbol is equal in
uppercase and lowercase it is special character. The only exception is
made for whitespace.";
const removeExcludedWords = (str, words) => {
   let sentence = '';
   const regex = new RegExp(`\b(${words.join('|')})\b`, 'gi');
   sentence = str.replace(regex, "");
   return sentence;
console.log(removeExcludedWords(sentence, excludeWords));


The output in the console −

first solution does work UTF-8 alphaben. I have managed create
function use RegExp use good UTF-8 support JavaScript
engine. idea simple if symbol equal uppercase lowercase special
character. only exception made whitespace.

Updated on: 12-Oct-2020


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