Reasons why some blogs dont get more visitors

There are many blogs over internet. Some blogs get many visitors every day and some don’t get single one or hard to get some visitors, blogs who don’t get visitors, struggle a lot. Some blogs get huge traffic every day and some struggle to get one – two traffic in a day.

Worldwide, there are more than 160 million blogs, but most of them get less than 1,000 visitors every month, and most of the blogs failures are words failures too.

In this post, we are going to explain you that why most blogs get less traffic,

New blogs struggle to get traffic

Although, there are many blogs over the internet, that’s why if any new blog comes, very less people get to know about them. Whether your blog is relating to social media or any other, all depends on how much popular you are, non-popularity brings 0 visitors and popularity brings 100 visitors. People get to know about you in order to visit your blog. By writing blog posts frequently and showing your presence on your social networks, you will get more traffic.

Less utilization of social networks

If you are not socially good, not engaging yourself with your followers or leaving bad impression up-on your followers – these all reasons can discard you from social network. You need to engage yourself with those followers who are liked with you from long back, who are very strong in social network and can visit your blog with numbers of other visitors. Also, your posts want to send people to your blog instead of someone else’s blog.

Frequently, blog posts are not getting updated

If you are not posting blog post frequently or you are not updating your blogs, the people who were visiting your blog will forget about you. If first time, someone visits your blog and you don’t update your blog with new content, you miss the chance of that person returning to your blog.

Unable to build the list

Building a list is vital towards your victory. More and more people you get into your list that will increase that many customers every time when you bring any product and services or any other thing in the market.

Blog with high bounce ratio

The blog with high bouncing ratio means; people are just seeing your blog and then leaving immediately without sticking around it. So that, you need people who can stick around you blog or come back to your blog many times and finally add themselves to your list. A lower bounce ratio will also permit your blog to get more views.

Blog is not up-to the mark as compare to others

In the initial stage, any new blog does not get more traffic as compare to old and famous competitor’s blog posts or new blog does not become more famous as compare to their competitor’s blogs. The best way to make yourself better in this field is to write every day that makes you better writer which will lead to better blog posts.

Bad SEO relation

SEO strong relation becomes good reason for long-term traffic. Good relation with SEO will make your blog easier to catch in search engines, and when you begin feeling the surge in traffic over the long-term, you will become cheerful that you improved your blog’s SEO.

Lack of good plans to increase traffic

It does not matter that your blog is getting less or more traffic; you should always be having a good plan to raise your blog’s traffic. You must recognize the things that you will do differently to see your blog grow. Growth of blog will increase the sales.


The all above reasons present that why most blogs do not get more traffic. So that, to get more and more traffic on your blog or to make your blog popular, protect you blog from all above reasons.

Updated on: 23-Oct-2019


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