Reading Attributes with Reflection API in PHP 8

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In PHP 8, we use classes, properties, and class constants, methods, functions, parameters to access the attributes.

In PHP 8, Reflection API delivers the getAttribute() method on every matching Reflection object.

The getAttribute() method returns an array of ReflectionAttribute illustrations that can be asked for attribute name, arguments and to instantiate an instance of the signified attribute.

Example − Reading Attributes with the Reflection API in PHP 8

   #[Property(type: 'function', name: 'Student')]
   function Student()
      return "Student";
   function getAttributes(Reflector $reflection)
      $attributes = $reflection->getAttributes();
      $finalresult = [];
      foreach ($attributes as $attribute)
         $finalresult[$attribute->getName() ] = $attribute->getArguments();
      return $finalresult;
   $reflection = new ReflectionFunction("Student");


   [Reading] => Array

   [Property] => Array
      [type] => function
      [name] => Student
Updated on 01-Apr-2021 06:21:56