Raspberry pi hacks 8 of the most amazing ones

The Raspberry Pi essentially turns your Smart TV into a computer. Discover some of the most amazing Raspberry Pi hacks that you might not even know exist. These hacks can help you use your Smart TV more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Pi Wall

With Pi Wall, you can turn a room in your house into an in-home movie theater. Pi Wall allows you to project the movie or show you’re watching onto the “big screen” by transmitting the picture to multiple screens that you have put together to make a bigger viewing area. The catch for all this (and all Raspberry Pi hacks in fact) is that you have to have an online connection that’s fast, like one from Verizon Internet. Each monitor has to have an HDMI output, too.

Voice-Controlled Screen

Hang a big screen on the wall and add a Raspberry Pi to it, along with a voice control hack. Using your voice, you can command the TV to do, well, whatever it is you tell it to do. Some of the options you can control with your voice commands include −

  • Pulling up a calendar
  • Pulling up a picture slideshow from sites such as Flickr
  • Shows your RSS feeds
  • Reveals the weather forecast
  • Displays a news page with all the breaking news
  • Plays Internet radio
  • Plays YouTube videos

Beet to Your Own Drum

No, it’s not a misspelling; the Raspberry Pi BeetBox literally allows you to turn beet vegetables into drums. The BeetBox allows you to slide beets into the various slots in the box to hold the beets in place. When you touch the beets, drum beats ring out. This is a great option for those who like music, especially those who like to play the drums.


The Pi-to-Go allows you to turn a Raspberry Pi into a mini-computer that you can take with you wherever you go. It adds a mini display screen and keyboard to turn the Raspberry Pi into a portable computer. It also supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HDMI.

Tiny Arcade

Jeroen Domburg turned his Raspberry Pi into a mini arcade system. Using laser-cut plastic and a 2.4-inch TFT display, he created a case to hold his Raspberry Pi so that it looks and works like that of an old arcade game. He now entertains himself and others playing games with his Raspberry Pi through the gaming console.

Picture Perfect

Add a Raspberry Pi to a DSLR camera battery grip. The grip then becomes an accessory to the pro or novice camera man or woman. Adding the Raspberry Pi to the camera grip allows the photographer to transmit images from the camera to a computer screen using Wi-Fi. Additionally, it allows the photographer to control the camera remotely.

Baby Monitor

Add the Raspberry Pi to a camera. Connect the camera to a monitor. Use Wi-Fi to connect the camera to the monitor. Voila, you have your own baby monitor. Similar steps can be taken to create a security camera for your home.

Automate Lighting or Sprinkler System

The Raspberry Pi is also a great way to automate everyday or timed occurrences. Two options to consider are automating outside lighting systems, such as those in a garden or along the front walkway of your home. It is also an option for automating the sprinkler system for your yard or landscaping, so that the sprinkler system turns on and off on specific days and at specific times.

With one small and relatively inexpensive device, you can accomplish so many things. From automating processes to turning your living room into a home movie theater, the Raspberry Pi is a device that allows you to do it all. Use these hack ideas to turn your Raspberry Pi into the device you want or need.

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