RabbitMQ - Features

RabbitMQ is one of the most popular open source message broker. It is designed to provide high availability, scalability, reliability, performance and security for enterprise level messaging applications. Following are some of the salient features of RabbitMQ.

  • LightWeight − RabbitMQ is lightweight and and is quity easy to install on premise as well as on cloud.

  • Connectivity Options − RabbitMQ supports multiple messaging protocols and can be deployed in distributed/federated configurations to meet high availability, scalability requirements.

  • Pluggable Architecture − RabbitMQ allows to choose a persistence mechanism and also provides options to customize security for authentication and authorization as per the application needs.

  • Multi-Platform − RabbitMQ provides client APIs for many popular languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby etc.

  • Broker Cluster − RabbitMQ can be deployed as clusters for high availability and throughput. It can be federated across multiple availability zones and regions.

  • Features Rich − RabbitMQ provides many advanced features for both broker and clients.

  • Simple Administration Interface − RabbitMQ administration console is easy to use but still provides many powerful administration features.

  • Enterprise and Cloud Ready − RabbitMQ supports pluggable authentication and authorization. It supports LDAP and TLS. It can be easily deployed in public as well as private clouds.

  • Features Rich − RabbitMQ provides many advanced features for both broker and clients. It provides plugins to support continuous integration, operational metrics, and integration to other enterprise systems etc.

  • Management − RabbitMQ provides HTTP API, command line tool and UI to manage and monitor RabbitMQ.